Greater Muskegon Optimist Club

Optimists are everywhere in the community!  Here's some of the ways that we are positively affecting youth in Muskegon:

Each month, three members in the Lakeshore Boys and Girls Club are awarded the Optimist All-Star award.  The children are recognized for their enthusiastic participation and leadership skills conveyed while at the club.  One child from each age group is given a personalized t-shirt, subway gift card and award certificate.  It is truly a pleasure to be working with the Boys and Girls Club to applaud these youth!  

Our club was fortunate to be able to work with the 3rd and 4th grade teachers at McMillan Elementary to purchase and donate 12 tablets and a one year subscription for IXL (math program).  This allowed the teachers to give every child in their classrooms the ability to practice math and have fun doing so!

The Greater Muskegon Optimist Club presented the Community enCompass organization with a check for the summer CATCH camp program.

Our club teamed up with RP Grad Night and OV Grad Night to put on a camel race and help them raise funds for their cause.

Muskegon Community College saluted their donors with a wonderful Donor Appreciate Dinner and Concert.  The Muskegon Optimist Club has donated $2,000 to scholarship recipients this year!